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The Leica I (A) was introduced in 1925.

  • First production batch of 174 Leica cameras had Anastigmat lenses. These cameras are in the list of most desired items for any Leica collector.
  • Second batch of 1000 cameras was produced in the same year of 1925 and had Elmax lenses. These cameras are also extremely rare these days.
  • Third, and most popular, Leica I(A) design had an Elmar lens. They were produced starting 1926 up until 1936. Total made approx 57,000.
  • One more rare version had a Hektor lens. There were only 1330 of these cameras manufactured during 1930-1931.
  • Also available for the I (A) was the first Leitz leather outfit case ETRIN that held the camera, rangefinder FODIS, and a double-ended tube for two cassettes - pictured below.