Ricoh KR-5 Super

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The KR-5 Super is one of a series of simple manual-exposure SLRs for 35mm film by Ricoh, all accepting K-mount lenses. Others include the Ricoh KR-5, CR-5, etc. (Note the KR-5 Super II is a significantly different camera actually built by Cosina.)

While essentially similar to the original KR-5, the 1982[1] "Super" offers a few improvements, including faster f/1.7 and f/2.0 standard lens options. While still limited to 1/8 second as the slowest shutter speed (besides B), the top speed increases to 1/1000, and the maximum flash sync speed is now 1/125 sec.

While there is still no PC terminal for attaching an external flash, the hot shoe has an additional contact which permits dedicated Ricoh flash units to illuminate a flash-ready LED beneath the viewfinder eyepiece. Another LED faces forward to indicate when the self-timer is counting down before exposure, and "winks" while the the shutter opens.[2] The shutter evidently operates even without power supplied by two SR44 or LR44 batteries; although those are needed for the meter circuit and front-facing LED.

This same camera was marketed by Sears in the USA, as the KSX-1000.


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  2. A YouTube video shows this beginning at 1:33, from Teddy Hashee