Ricoh CR-5

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The CR-5 is a 1970s SLR for 35mm film sold by Ricoh. It accepts K-mount lenses. This was a no-frills model which limits its slow shutter speeds to 1/8th second (and B); but its vertically-traveling Copal metal shutter improves on its otherwise near-twin the KR-5 with a top speed of 1/1000 second and flash sync at 1/125. Where some other Ricoh SLRs offer a depth-of-field preview button, there is plain plastic plug. The camera's light-metering display is of the analog "match the needle to the lolipop" type. The camera was bundled with Ricoh's lower-priced 50mm f2.2 normal lens.

The film advance lever must be pulled outwards to unlock the shutter and switch on the exposure meter, powered by two 1.5v silver-oxide batteries. The focusing screen has a diagonal split-image spot surrounded by a microprism.

The Ricoh KR-5 Super is quite similar but adds a hot-shoe contact that lights an LED "ready" lamp with compatible flashes, and another front-facing LED showing the shutter and self-timer activity.