Sears KSX-1000

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Note: this article covers the manual-exposure KSX-1000; the KSX (no suffix) and KSX Super are different, autoexposure models. The KS 1000 is a more full-featured manual-exposure model.

US retailer Sears offered this basic 35mm SLR using K mount lenses, a rebadged version of the Ricoh KR-5 Super, which was introduced in 1982.[1] This model doesn't seem to have been promoted in the Sears print catalogs, where its predecessor the KS 500 stayed in the lineup through 1983. This camera improves the top shutter speed to 1/1000 sec. and flash sync is now possible at 1/125th.

Where one might expect Sears branding on the front of the pentaprism, there is a blank plate; Sears labels appear only on the bundled lens and discreetly on the top left rear of the camera. A main economizing feature of this camera is that slow shutter speeds are limited to 1/8 second (and B). Also omitted is a depth-of-field preview button: in its place there is an LED indicator for the self-timer. This and the meter circuit requires power from two SR44 or LR44 batteries, although evidently the shutter will function without them.

The camera has open-aperture TTL light metering, and the viewfinder includes a match-the-needle-to-the-lolipop style of meter readout. Aperture and shutter speed are not indicated in the viewfinder. The viewfinder offers a split image focusing aid at a 45° angle, surrounded by a microprism ring. When used with the correct dedicated flash units, an LED ready-light illuminates below the viewfinder eyepiece.

This model is generally in the Pentax K1000 category: entry-level SLRs giving access to a wide array of K mount lenses, but with a ruthlessly minimal feature-set most suitable for students and beginners.


  1. The KSX-1000 name appears as hyphenated on the original owners manual (unlike all other Sears models of the era), and so we adopt it here; but the camera itself simply shows KSX 1000.