Holga 120S

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The Holga 120S is a medium format 120 film camera by Universal Electronics ( Holga )

Images are captured at 6x45, but many choose to remove the film mask for 6x6 images. The optical lens is made from plastic and is 60mm with a f/8 aperture. There are four positions to the focusing, 1m (single), 2m (trio), 6m (group) and 10m-inf (mountain). There a shutter speed of approx 1/100 of a sec. The camera back still uses a red window with a vertical slider to choose number of exposures for either 6x6 or 6x45. The finder is designed for the square 6x6 format.

A flash version is called Holga 120SF. A glass lens version is available called Woca 120G while the glass lens with flash is called Woca 120GF.

A newer version was release circa 2003 called the Holga 120N.

Holga 120S Holga 120SF Woca 120G Woca 120GF
Lens plastic glass
Flash X O X O
Shoe O X O X