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The Fujica ST705 is a fully-manual single-lens reflex camera first produced in 1976 by Fuji.

Where the Fujica ST701 had used stopdown metering, the ST705 adopted the same modification of the M42 lens mount used in the Fujica ST801 to enable open-aperture metering. This is achieved with a very small tab extending from the aperture ring, engaging with a follower nub on a ring surrounding the lens mount.

The Fujica ST605 introduced at the same time became the new entry-level, stopdown metering option.

The ST705 has center-weighted, through-the-lens metering, activated by a half-press of the shutter button. The camera's cloth focal-plane shutter has an unusual top speed of 1/1500 sec, then 1/1000, then down to a second in one-stop decrements. The flash sync speed is 1/60.

The standard lens for the ST705 is a Fujinon 55mm f/1.8 in the 42mm screw mount (M42). Nearly all M42 lenses will work on it, but most (non-Fuji) lenses will not permit open-aperture metering. To meter with a lens that does not have the aperture coupling, one depresses the DOF preview button while metering. (Open-aperture metering is also available with TX-system lenses from Vivitar or Tamron Adaptall-2 lenses, if a Fujica-ST-specific M42 mount adapter is obtained.)

The ST705W is a later variant of the ST705, modified to accept a motor drive (identical to the one available for the AZ-1).[1]


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