Yashica Lynx 1000

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Yashica Lynx 1000

Maker: Yashica

Dates: 1960


Camera Type: 35mm rangefinder system

Focusing: manual

Rangefinder: coupled

Lens mount: fixed

Shutter: Copal SV blade shutter
from B to 1/1000

Exposure meter: Selenium cell

Exposure modes: manual

ASA/ISO range: 10-800

Shoe: cold shoe

Synchronized: x-sync

X sync speed: all speeds

TTL Flash: no

Motor drive: no

Battery: no


The first 35mm rangefinder camera in the Lynx series from Yashica, this 1960 model was still using a selenium meter. (Several years later, Yashica replaced the 1000 with the Lynx 5000 using a CdS-cell meter, as well as introducing the Lynx 14 variant, with its imposing f/1.4 lens.)

For a leaf-shutter camera, this model's top 1/1000 sec. speed was unusual and ambitious. (On the f/1.4 models, the larger glass aperture to uncover makes this impossible.)