Yashica Lynx 14

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The Lynx 14 is a solid and impressive (but far from small) rangefinder camera introduced by Yashica in 1965. Its unmissable highlight is an unusually fast f/1.4 fixed Yashinon lens, in a useful "wide normal" 45 mm focal length. This hunk of glass uses 58mm filters, and protrudes quite a bit from the front of the camera.

For those willing to sacrifice a half-stop of speed for a somewhat smaller alternative, Yashica offered the Lynx 5000. Both provided a coupled CdS-cell light meter, with a top panel match needle indicating over- or underexposure. This was a change from the selenium meter used in the original Lynx 1000

The Lynx 14E was the followup model, with a revised "IC" (integrated circuit) metering system.