Yashica Flash-O-Set

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The Flash-O-Set is a 35mm viewfinder camera with selenium cell-controlled auto-exposure. It was made in Japan by Yashica. Its distinctive feature is a built-in flashbulb holder, for which there is an ejector button on the lower front, and a flash exposure table on the back. The Flash-O-Set has a general look similar to the Yashica rangefinder cameras.

There are two models; the original - introduced in 1961 has the light meter cell above the lens and the name plate below the bulb ejector. The meter cell of the 1962 Flash-O-Set II is mounted around the lens, and the manual shows that the camera seems to have been supplied with a neutral-density filter - which would cover the meter cell as well as the lens - for use in very bright conditions.


  • Lens: Yashinon 40mm f4, fixed focus
  • Shutter: fixed 1/60
  • Metering: Selenium cell
  • Flash: built-in AG-1 bulb holder + x-sync PC socket
  • Power: type Y-10 15 volt battery for firing flash bulbs