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The Wirgin Junior was not a product of Gebrüder Wirgin in Wiesbaden, Germany. Instead, it was sold by Camera Specialty Company, Inc[1]. This was an enterprise founded by Max Wirgin in New York City, after the nationalization of his family's company during the Nazi period.

The Wirgin Junior is a simple bakelite folding camera for 6x6 exposures on 120 roll film. It resembles the Wirgin Deluxe, but has a fixed focus "Meniscar" lens and its shutter only offers 1/50 sec. and Bulb settings.

This camera bears a strong overall resemblance to the pre-war folders from Vokar, of Ann Arbor, Michigan. However the flatter metal top plate does not exactly match any Vokar model, and the Wirgin model lacks the "P" mold mark found inside the film compartment of the Vokar B.

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