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The Wards 35-EE is a Japanese-made viewfinder camera, sold by the Montgomery Ward store chain.

Focus is fixed. The camera is completely manual and does not require a battery. There are no markings on the front of the lens. On side of lens there are aperture settings for "MANUAL", from f/4 to f/22. There are ISO/DIN markings for "AUTO" mode; the ISO range is 10–100.

There is a photocell array around the front of the lens which enables the meter. The meter is nothing more than a needle on the top of the camera. Film is advanced and re-wound using the knobs on top of the camera. The shutter release is a lever on the side of the lens.

The only markings on the camera are WARDS 35-EE on the front and "Made in Japan" on the baseplate. There is a rewind button and tripod socket on the baseplate. The film chamber opens by sliding a clip up (the clip locks the rear door) - clips are found on many vintage cameras.

This camera can be identified as the Japanese Rondo 35, made by the Rondo Camera Co. in 1961.[1]


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