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The Voskhod (earlier versions are marked in Cyrillic: Восход, meaning "sunrise" or "ascent" in Russian; later, export models are marked in roman lettering) is a 35mm viewfinder camera made by LOMO in the USSR between 1964 and 1968[1]. It has a built-in selenium meter.

The design is far from conventional; the shutter-release is on the front, to the left of the lens in the photo; the fin-shaped plastic knob above the lens is the film advance lever. The button on the top-plate is for resetting the frame counter (which counts downwards towards zero). On the scale of Russian camera production, the Voskhod is comparatively uncommon, with around 59,000 made.

  • Lens: T-48 (Triplet) 45mm / f2.8 stopping to f22, focus down to 1m
  • Shutter: 1s - 1/250 +B