Vivitar 400/SL

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The Vivitar 400/SL was an M42 mount, 35mm SLR, marketed by Vivitar in the later 1970s. It appears to be a rebadging of the 4000S from Cosina, and is a particularly no-frills model. Compared to the otherwise-similar Vivitar 420/SL this lacks a battery check, a locking collar around the shutter release, or any film-reminder aids. It seems to have been the budget model aiming to bring consistency with other Vivitar "4x0" models in the way its meter operates, although the Vivitar 220/SL hung on in the market for some time.

Stop down metering is activated by pressing the shutter release halfway and adjusting settings until the needle at the viewfinder edge is centered in a small bracket. The viewfinder can be returned to maximum brightness by pressing the aperture re-open button on the front of the camera body. The meter circuit is designed to be powered by one 1.35v #675 mercury battery.