Vivitar 220/SL

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The Vivitar 220/SL is an M42 mount 35mm SLR marketed by Vivitar. As with a great many Vivitar SLRs, the camera was manufactured by Cosina—likely based on one of their more no-frills models, the Hi-Lite 202. Vivitar marketing emphasized this model was available in "professional black" at an affordable price (many surviving examples are heavily brassed); but a silver-topped version was also offered. Both plastic-tipped and sculpted metal advance levers have appeared on this model.

The 220/SL includes typical features for an SLR of its era: exposure counter window, film plane marker, and an X Sync hot shoe. M Sync and X Sync flash terminals were available on the side of the camera. The focusing screen provides a microprism spot to assist with focusing.

Shutter speeds ranging from Bulb to 1/1000 are possible with the vertical moving metal Copal Square shutter. The shutter release includes a cable release socket and a self timer.

The 220/SL features dual CdS cells for TTL metering. The battery-powered light meter requires a single 1.35 volt mercury cell : Mallory PX-675, Eveready E-675, or equivalent (unfortunately no longer sold). The camera's film speed dial allows the user to select ASA (ISO) values from 25 to 1600.

There is a handy indicator near the rewind crank indicating when a film cassette is loaded. But features lacking on the 220/SL which were available on the slightly more expensive 250/SL include a battery check and a locking collar around the shutter release.