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The Vito C is a family of 35mm viewfinder camera made in Germany by Voigtländer. It was a continuation of the Vito line, and followed the Vito B and Vitomatic. The body style was changed, film was loaded by opening the back without need to open the bottom, the camera could fire without film and the shutter was placed in the front of the camera instead than on top.[1] Vito C cameras were initially produced in a round-ended body style similar to the Vito B, between 1960 & 1967, after which a squarer-ended body was made.[2] The last 2 versions (CS and CSR) were released after the merger with Zeiss Ikon


Several variations of this camera were made, and there was a Deluxe version of the cameras with small cosmetic differences such as leatherette covered lens barrel, black shutter release, raised chrome name, and film reminder disc with leather in the center:[3]

  • Vito C (1960-67)
  • Vito CD (1961-66) has an uncoupled light meter.
  • Vito CL (1961-67) has a coupled light meter, and the CL Deluxe has a meter needle display in the viewfinder.
  • Vito CLR (1963-68) further adds a coupled rangefinder. The top of the CLR camera has a translucent plastic part beside the accessory shoe illuminating the meter needle in the finder.
  • Vito CS (1968-71) with the square body, coupled light meter and needle display in the viewfinder.
  • Vito CSR (1968-71) adds a coupled rangefinder to the CS

These cameras have either a 50/2.8 Color Skopar of a 50/2.8 Lanthar lens and are equipped with Pronto, Prontor SVS or Pronto-LK shutter with speed ranging form B-1 to 500.

Version by Balda

Around 1980, a series of ABS plastic bodied Vito cameras was introduced, with fold down front, similar to the Minox 35 and made by Balda, also sold as the Balda C series.



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