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Mike Butkus from New Jersey. Owner, organizer, publisher and anything else to do with (aka or my simpler name The sites are secure (one is listing, one is just PDF file.)

I still find new manual on E-bay and post them, so the site still is growing. (2020)

The site also has flash and light meter manuals. No use having an old camera without a usable flash or light meter. But yes, there a a smart phone app for light meters ! I still own all the manuals I post. They are not well organized, some day I'll fix that. (2020, still working on that ! )

I only post camera manuals, (a few repair manuals for very old camera can be found) but I don't own the cameras I post. Never used them, or know much about them.

If someone has the time to add the links to this page from my site... go ahead.

I'm going to try to add links to any new items I post on my site.