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Please see the Help page on Adding images for a fuller explanation of how to use this template. Clicking the rightmost tool button (resembling a photograph) above any editing window will insert the following template into the page source. You may also copy the following and paste it into the page source wherever you wish to insert a Flickr image. This template is still an experimental variant of this site's standard image template Template:Flickr_image.


Template attributes

image_source: full web-address of source web-page
image: full web-address of imagefile (jpg or gif format)
image2_source: optional full web-address of 2nd source web-page
image2: optional full web-address of 2nd imagefile (jpg or gif format)
image_align: right, left or center (center only for images with width 240 Pixel)
image_text: brief photo caption
image_text_align: optional textalignment (center is default)
image_by: photographer or copyright owner
image_rights: image license or abbreviation, must be one of the following:
CC or cc or creative commons   for images licensed under Creative Commons check license on Flickr before any re-use
nc or non-commercial   for images licensed under Creative Commons similar, but explicitly non-commercial
$ or commercial   for images licensed under Creative Commons commercial use may be permitted; check license on Flickr before any re-use
(C) or (c) or wp or with permission   for images used with permission of the copyright owner including implicit permission for images given into the wiki project's Flickr pool when the copyright holder got notice of that implication
PD or pd or public domain   for images in public domain image granted as public domain by the one who made it, or image with expired copyright
fair or fair use   for images used under fair use this practice is discouraged, please follow the link for the details


(should be) achieved with

|image_source= http://www.flickr.com/photos/53848489@N05/5277025936/in/pool-camerawiki/
|image= http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5125/5277025936_6c4c6c0ce9_m.jpg
|image_align= center
|image_text= Camera image example
|image_by= Laurie.pettitt
|image_rights= (c)