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I have added the Argus C 33 stub. This is the first time I have used a Wiki and would like suggestion as to style, etc. Thanks Frank Reiser

Thanks for starting the article! I don't think there's a great amount wrong with what you've done; but since you ask for suggestions, here are mine. Bear in mind that some of these are just my personal style; it's ok to bring some of your style to what you write here, so decide for yourself whether you need to take notice of these.
  • The article title is Argus C33, but in the text you've written C 33 (with a space); and in fact, on the camera itself, it seems to be written with a space. However, other Argus articles (the C3 etc) don't have a psace. I looked in McKeown and found he makes it worse; he writes C-33 (with a hyphen), which is plainly wrong. So I'd choose with or without a space, but be consistent.
  • I almost always start with a very basic statement of what kind of camera this one is, who made it, and when. In this case, The Argus C33 is a 35 mm coupled rangefinder camera, made by Argus in 1959. I might jazz that up in this case by noting how the RF coupling's achieved by the odd external gearing; and that first statement might then lead to how you've started, placing the camera in the context of previous Arguses.
  • I wrote that first sentence in the present tense; it seems to me that if the camera still exists, then it is (not was) a rangefinder camera, and it accepts (not accepted) lenses. Other statements - for example that Argus were trying to modernise the C3 - are correct in the past tense, since clearly Argus aren't still trying to do that.
  • I'm not sure about it is hard to avoid the conclusion that Argus had badly lost its way by this time; it seems a rather general criticism; maybe you culd pin down what you mean more.
  • Finally, a little formatting thing: on my screen, one of the row of pictures at the bottom sits slightly higher than the other two, because it hasn't cleared the bottom of the big picture at the right. This may differ on other screens; I'm using a rather small laptop with a low-spec screen. If you put either {{Br}} or <br style="clear:right;"/> before the row of pictures, they should all sit on one level, below the level of the big picture.
As I said before, these are only how I would do it. Feel free to disagree! Cheers! --Dustin McAmera (talk) 05:23, 11 October 2012 (PDT)