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The Tair-3 300mm 1:4.5 is a fast and heavy metal telephoto lens made by KMZ for SLRs with M42 lens screw-mount (and also made with a 39mm mount for earlier Zenit cameras). Its version Tair-3A has a design as common heavy M42 system lens with own tripod thread, delivered in a set with yellow and orange filter, hood, and quiver. Quite round iris diaphragm and well arranged lens elements make it a decent tele shooter, even with aperture wide open. Minimum focusing distance is 2.2 metres.

Other versions of the Tair-3 were optimized for use in the Zenit Photosniper set, for example the Tair-3AS. Sniper versions usually had a better lens coating as advantage, but minimum focusing distance 3.3 metres as disadvantage.

There are two thumb wheels between the sniper gun and the lens´s sniper version's lens barrel, the gun's narrow one to fix the lens via its tripod thread, and the lens's thick one with distance scale which is its special focusing device instead of a common focusing ring.