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Hugo Svensson & Co. was a camera maker based in in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company made magazine cameras. Famous owners of Svensson cameras were Arctica explorer Fritjof Nansen and camera maker Victor Hasselblad who was distributor of some Svensson cameras. In 1966, Hugo Svensson & Co. was bought by Ilford and renamed as Ilford Foto AB.


  • Packtick, c.1917: a copy of the Lopa; T-shaped frame supporting leather sides, with a minimal front housing the lens, shutter and VF. 6x9cm[1]
  • Svea: wooden 'detective camera'
  • Svenska Express
  • Stella


  1. Packtick with 'I' & 'B' shutter, f/11 and f/32 stops, and brilliant finder, sold at the 28th Westlicht Photographica Auction, November 2015.