Sport-Korelle 66

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The Sport-Korelle 66 is a strut-folding camera for 6x6 cm pictures on 120 film, made in 1939 by Korelle-Werk G.H. Brandtmann, the firm that was given the Kochmann works when Franz Kochmann fled from Germany in 1938. There are two distinct cameras, neither of which exists in significant numbers. McKeown shows a viewfinder camera, which he describes as a Reflex-Korelle III, with the mirror box replaced with a strut-folding bellows section bearing the lens panel.[1] The camera has a focal-plane shutter with speeds 2 - 1/1000 seconds, plus 'B', interchangeable lenses (the same range available for the reflex camera; the camera shown in McKeown has an 80 mm f/2.8 Tessar), and lever film advance. There is, however, no focusing aid; simply scale focus, and a rather small reverse-Galilean viewfinder on the top plate. McKeown states that this camera was at first called the Klapp-Korelle 66.

A rangefinder version of the camera was promised (and McKeown states that it was intended to include a coupled selenium lightmeter),[1]. A similar rangefinder camera was patented in 1940[2] (though there is no mention of a light meter in the patent). This camera was never made for sale. A prototype engraved Korelle Sport was sold (twice) at Westlicht.[3] The auctioneer dates the camera (presumably from the lens serial number) to 1942. It does not have a lightmeter.


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