Soligor SC-1

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The Soligor SC-1 is one of a small number of cameras offered by AIC Photo, and is a circa-1980 35mm SLR accepting K mount lenses. As with other Soligor-branded products, it is actually manufactured by a Japan-based OEM (as with their T4 lenses made by Tokina). This camera derives from the Cosina CT-1A: commonly with the profile of the camera body subtly re-sculpted with softer lines, although a version exists retaining Cosina's original angular styling.

The bundled 50mm F/2.0 lens appears identical to Cosinon-labeled versions, and is included in the same 91,xxx,xxx serial-number sequence.

Also in common with related Cosina models, The domed shutter release is locked until the advance lever is pulled outwards from the body. After this a half-press on the release activates a simple 3-LED meter display in the viewfinder ( + ○ - ). This model is limited to a top shutter speed of 1/1000 second, where later Cosinas could achieve 1/2000, but it still offers a 1/125 flash sync speed with its vertically-traveling metal bladed shutter.

Two 1.5v button cells are only required for the metering display and the camera will shoot without them. The mechanical self-timer runs for around 10 seconds; and usefully, this raises the mirror and pre-releases the aperture stopdown at the beginning of the cycle to allow any vibrations to die away.

The SC-1 offers a no-frills film shooting experience in a trim and attractive 21-ounce/600-gram package, one which compares favorably to some iconic "student" cameras like the Pentax K1000.