Sears KS Super II

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After briefly dropping the KS Super from their lineup, US retail giant Sears brought out its near-twin SLR the KS Super II in their 1985 Fall/Winter catalog.[1]

The reduced price of USD $170 may have helped its popularity. Yet having removed even one more feature, the grand model name seems like a cruel mockery. Specifically, now the B for "Bulb" is gone, leaving only Lock, Auto, and the X-sync speed as options on the top dial. Otherwise it seems quite unchanged from the 1983 KS Super. The stripping away of features once present in the original KS Auto or the KSX is now complete. Sears may have correctly judged that the buyers of entry-level SLRs just wanted the look and feel of a "fancy camera" without ever using the features of one. It remains one of the more commonly-seen Sears models, e.g. in eBay auctions.

Once again, the camera is a rebadged Ricoh made in Japan, based on the XR 6, although the stripped-back features do not seem to match any other model sold under Ricoh's own name.