Sears KS Super

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Note: this article describes the KS Super. The KS Auto, KS-1, and KS Super II are all different models.

US retail giant Sears introduced the KS Super in their 1983 Spring/Summer catalog at a price of USD $200,[1] a slight rise over its outgoing near sibling the KS-1 (and before disappearing, the KS-1 was closed out at USD $150 in the Fall/Winter 1983 catalog). Yet the "Super" has actually lost some capability, with a top shutter speed reduced to 1/500 second and a more limited metering range. The top control dial still has no manual selection of shutter speeds, aside from "B" and the X-sync setting. Simple "traffic lights" in the viewfinder indicate if an automatically-selected shutter speed is available given the aperture and scene brightness.

As with all Sears SLRs of this era, it is a rebadging of a Ricoh model, evidently an XR 6 with its specifications somewhat cut down. This continued even further with the subsequent KS Super II.