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The Savoy is a 35mm viewfinder camera made by in France by Royer, introduced in c.1956[1].

The Savoy I is unusual in that the lens panel is removable, for use on an enlarger or projector. It was loaded with film through the front, through the removable panel. There were two types of Savoy I, type 2 having a taller top housing accommodating a larger viewfinder. The front-loading has been described as "disastrous"[1], making loading extremely difficult.

The Savoy II models (1957) had an opening, hinged back for loading, whilst retaining the removable front on early examples; later productions seem to have fixed fronts. The Savoy IIc had a fixed front and added a selenium meter.

The Savoy III was similar to the II, without the removable front; the Savoy III B had a facelift giving it a flat top-plate, a wider horizontally-grooved silver-finish plate front and a more cylindrical lens barrel.

Savoy 3F models (1958) added an AG-1 flashbulb holder.

  • Lens: S.O.M. Berthiot 50mm/f2.8 or (on some Savoy I examples) Helionar 50mm/f3.5[1]
  • Shutter: Royer, 1s-1/300s + B


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