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See also the earlier unrelated Royal 35, version of the Picny 35.

The Royal 35 or 35 S is a Japanese rangefinder camera, made by Royal Camera in Tokyo in 1955. Two versions were produced as series, one with a F/2.8 and one with a F/2.0 Tominor 50mm lens. The lenses were made by Tomioka, Japan. Both versions had a Copal-S B, 1-1/200s or 1/300s shutter. Both versions were meterless. Lenses are non interchangeable. The company logo is engraved in the accessory shoe.

A few years later New York retailer Sterling-Howard offered the f/2.0 version as the Mark S-2 at USD $69.95.[1]

The third version of the Royal 35-S was made for interchangeable screw-mount lenses in front of its leaf shutter. Maybe it was only produced as prototype(s) or as (very) small series. Another theory says that it was made just for the Japanese market.

Royal 35-S, screw mount variant, as prototype or pre-series only?
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