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The Royal Camera Company, Daiou Shashin Kōgaku or DSK, was a 1950's camera manufacturer established in Tokyo, Japan. As well as producing and exporting cameras under its own company label, it had ties locally through Ogino exporting and I S Photo of Japan, Hanimex in Australia, Wirgin in Europe, Brumberger and Mansfield Industries in America. It produced well-made rangefinders with central shutters. The company logo was a crowned shield with the letter R and C in it. On the earlier models it was engraved in the accessory cold shoe. On later models the logo was embossed into the leatherette on the left front panel.

The company disappeared during the unregulated expansion of Japanese photographic industry of the late 1950's.

Royal Camera Company models

Royal Camera also rebadged its cameras for sale by the other distributors mentioned above.

One brand name was Luxall: