Ricoh YF-20

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Point and shoot compact camera for 35mm film with integral flash and fixed focus, manufactured in Taiwan for Ricoh in 1987. Although the manual describes the camera as "Exposure Adjustment: With CdS Photocell", the aperture is manually adjusted by moving the ISO setting. This suggests there is no real exposure control with aperture only adjusting for film speed like other cameras of its class like the Olympus Supertrip. The camera is the first model in a long running series of YF-20 series of simple cameras.


  • Lens: Rikenon 35mm, f/4
  • Fixed focus (from 1m-infinity) with infinity lock button.
  • Fixed mechanical shutter speed (1/125s).
  • Integrated pop-up flash with working range of 1-4m. (GN:10, recharge 6s).
  • Shutter release button has cable release socket
  • Film automatically advances and rewinds. ISO (100-1000) is set with a lever on the front of the body.
  • Tripod socket.
  • Power: 2 x AA alkaline batteries.
  • Dimensions: 121x66x45mm
  • Weight: 230g (without batteries).

Model Variations

Release Date Model Name Updates
1987.2 YF-20 (Myport Ami) Predecessor to the series, Rikenon 35mm f/4 Lens
1989.9 L-20 (YF-20 Super / One Take Easy II) Ricoh 35mm f/4.5 Lens, Large body
1991.7 Auto 35 (Boots C35FF) (Downgraded model, limited ISO choice, no infinity focus)
1992.3 LX-22 (LX-22S / XOBBOX) New design, Self-timer, Auto-activating flash
1993.5 YF-20X New design
1997.12 YF20-E Smaller body, New design, DX-coding
YF-20N Ricoh 34mm f/4.5 Lens, Smaller body, New design, DX-coding