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The Regula Sprinty was a long-running series of 35mm cameras made by King KG starting in 1963 and sold through the 1960's and 1970's as part of their Regula range. Sprintys were also sold as Prinz Pilot II, Prinz Pilot E (by Dixons), Kalimar A, and Pacemaker (by Boots). There are several versions of the Sprinty camera, each one usually improving or updating the camera in some way over the previous version, but even then they are all very similar in looks and basic design.

Apart from some early versions of the Sprinty they all have a very similar design with cosmetic changes and some functional improvements over the years a list of things they share in common are: -

  • Isco-Gottingen Color-Gotar 45mm f/2.8 lens used on all models; simple triplet lens that focuses 1m to infinity
  • Rectamat shutter system where the apertures and shutter speeds are linked (except in bulb mode on models that have bulb mode)
  • Black plastic trim around the viewfinder assembly
  • Projected frame lines in the viewfinder with parallax correction marks
  • Metal plate around the lens assembly, brass in earlier models, aluminium in later ones
  • Top section made from Eloxal (ELectrolytic OXidation of ALuminum)
  • Film advance lever is in the same place on all models
  • Film counter is on the bottom of the camera, reset when the back is opened

Regula Sprinty Models


There is an early version of the Sprinty and with it being the first is also the most basic of the entire Sprinty range. A central mounted viewfinder that has no view lines in it. The model name and king logo stamped into the metal top section. It also doesn't have the front metal section around the lens like all later Sprintys, only a small plastic bit with the PC sync contacts for flash/bulb.

  • Shutter speeds are 1/60th, 1/125th and 1/250th
  • Basic accessory shoe on top with front mounted PC sync connectors for electronic flash or bulbs
  • Body uses leatherette for the covering
  • Size (w*h*d): 125mm x 85mm x 67mm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Film rewind is a thin plastic knob, can be lifted to remove film cartridge

Sprinty B

This model is basically a later model Sprinty with an uncoupled selenium light meter (made by Bewi) built into the camera.

  • Size (w*h*d): 125mm x 85mm x 65mm
  • Weight: 410g

Sprinty C

The Sprinty C is the first larger update to the styling of the camera.

  • New shutter speeds are now 1/30th, 1/60th, 1/125th and 1/250th with a bulb mode switch on the back of the camera
  • The brass front plate has been replaced with a clean aluminium one with the King logo on it, makes the camera lighter than before
  • Front mounted flash connectors have been replaced with a hot-shoe on the top of the camera
  • The plastic rewind knob is now a much easier to use and more solid rewind crank
  • Body is now molded plastic rather than leatherette
  • Size (w*h*d): 125mm x 90mm x 67mm
  • Weight: 353g

Sprinty BC

This camera is basically a Sprinty C with an uncoupled light meter. The light meter is more integrated into the body of the camera giving a sleeker look over the one used on the Sprinty B.

Sprinty C 300

Now in the 1970's the camera has been slightly redesigned again. This is a Sprinty C in essence with a few tweaks to the design.

  • The 1/250th top shutter speed is now 1/300th instead, giving the camera the name Sprinty C 300
  • The somewhat flimsy and hard to read focus ring has been made bigger and easier to turn, the distance reading now more easily visible when peaking over the top of the camera.
  • The metal shutter button is now a plastic square, but still has a thread for a cable release.
  • The hot shoe is now recessed into the camera body giving a much cleaner look to the top of the camera.

Sprinty BC 300

This camera is basically a Sprinty C 300 with an uncoupled light meter. The light meter is the same type used on the Sprinty BC.

  • Size (w*h*d): 125mm x 90mm x 70mm
  • Weight: 340g

Sprinty CC 300

The camera is basically the same as a Sprinty BC 300, the only addition being a socket for flashcubes, and battery compartment (6V mercury) to power them. The flashcubes are turned into their next position by advancing the film.

  • Size (w*h*d): 125mm x 90mm x 70mm

Sprintic C

The camera is basically a Sprinty CC 300 but with the hot shoe removed leaving only the flash cube socket on top, it retains the metal shutter release though.

  • Size (w*h*d): 125mm x 90mm x 70mm

Sprinty LK 300

The camera is the same as the Sprinty BC 300 but has a self timer lever and a selenium meter coupled to the exposure system. The metering is done with the dial on the top of the camera.


Non King models