Regula Diplomat C

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The Regula Diplomat C or Regula Diplomatic C is a 126 film viewfinder camera that was made at Bad Liebenzell in the Black Forest by King KG in 1967 as a part of their Regula brand. It's a very basic camera made mostly of plastic with only one shutter speed, one aperture and a fixed focus single element meniscus lens. The viewfinder is just a basic see through one with no magnification. The camera uses flashcubes for flash, and they are powered by a single 15 volt V74PX (or use Varta PX74 now) battery in the bottom of the camera.

  • Lens: Isco Optik - Single element meniscus lens fixed focus. Focal length is about 45mm and the aperture is between f/11 and f/16.
  • Shutter: Single speed, probably in the 1/30-50th range
  • Self timer: No
  • Flash: Flashcube socket on the top of the camera, slides open with a metal tab
  • Strap lugs: Single lug, meant to for use with wrist strap, can use split rings
  • Size: 110mm x 71mm x 54mm (W*H*D)
  • Weight: 178g

images by Morinaka. (Image rights)