Recesky TLR

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The Recesky TLR Camera is a kit toy camera manufactured in China, which is similar to the Gakkenflex. It's so similar that it is sometimes called the Gakkenflex clone or Fakkenflex[1].

Comparisons of specifications, materials as well as parts used in these two cameras hint at their close relations.

Visual differences include their physical dimensions, where the Recesky is wider, as well as the position of the rewind crank, with the Recesky having it on the same side as the winding crank, whereas the Gakkenflex has it on the other side. Some parts can be interchanged.

The camera uses 35mm film, exposing 24 mm x 36 mm frames in portrait orientation. Meniscus lenses are used both for the photographing and focusing lens. The aperture can be varied from f/11 to f/6 by inserting or removing a plastic piece between the lens and its bracket. The shutter speed is approximately 1/125s. Bulb exposures can be done by pushing the shutter lever down and releasing it slowly to the point before it clicks back to closed position.


  • Badging: Recesky
  • Manufacturer: Recesky
  • Lens: Plastic f/6 or f/11
  • Film: 135 (35mm)
  • Shutter: mechanical leaf shutter
  • Shutter Speeds: 1/125 (no bulb setting but see above for work-around)
  • Flash sync: none
  • Viewfinder: waist-level reflex
  • Focusing: Manual distance estimate, 50 cm to infinity
  • Meter: none
  • Battery: none
  • Weight: 312 g (11 oz)