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The Gakkenflex 35mm TLR is a plastic kit camera that was included in issue #25 (October 30, 2009) of "Otona no kagaku magazine", published by Gakken. The name "Gakkenflex" is molded into the front of the camera. Though the original magazine can be hard to find, copies are circulating the web. Two known copies being Recesky_TLR and the Fotodiox TLR

Documentation included with the kit indicates that the fixed f-stop is f/11 and the single shutter speed is 1/125. The camera uses standard 35mm film cassettes and exposes a 24mm x 36mm frame in portrait orientation. The lens is a single element plastic meniscus lens. Focusing of the taking and viewing lenses is synchronized by external gears, in the same way as the geared-lens Ricohflex or the Lubitel.

The simple meniscus lens creates images with a dramatic focus drop-off, with some shots resembling tilt–shift images. The camera is very much a Toy Camera.

Sample images