Polaroid Land Model 430

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Part of the series of Polaroid cameras that began with the Automatic Land Camera 100 and finishing at the Automatic Land Camera 450, this camera shares a common set of features with all models in this line:

  • Folding Bellows
  • Automatic Exposure
  • 100-series Packfilm

The 430 is one of the lower end models of the 100-400 series line of folding Packfilm Land Cameras, similar to many other models; this model features a non-folding, Polaroid-designed rangefinder with separate windows for framing and focusing, and a 3 element glass lens.

The 430 also came with a hot shoe for the Polaroid 'Focused Flash' - a flashcube-powered unit that used a metal grille to moderate the illumination of the subject, dependent on focal distance.

The 430 was produced from 1971 until 1977, retailing on release for $80.