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There is also the folding-bed plate camera, the Pocket Poco, by the same maker.

The Pocket Poco A is a strut folding quarter-plate camera made by the Rochester Camera and Supply Co. of Rochester, New York. It was only made in 1903.[1] It is similar to the Pocket Monroe cameras made by Monroe, one of the companies that merged to form the Rochester company, but whereas that was made in three sizes (the quarter-plate Pocket Monroe A being the largest), the Pocket Poco was only made in the quarter plate size. The viewfinder is also different from that of the Monroe cameras.

The camera has a Bausch and Lomb Achromat lens, with two aperture settings, and a pneumatically-operated shutter with 'I', 'T' and 'B' settings. It has red ('Russia leather') bellows.[1] The body is made from cherry wood, covered with leather.