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There is also the strut-folding Pocket Poco A, by the same maker.

The Pocket Poco is a small folding bed plate camera for the quarter plate format 3¼ × 4¼ ". It was made by Rochester Camera and Supply Co. of Rochester, New York, between 1893 and 1905.[1] In the advertisement on the right it was advertised as "the smallest complete camera ever constructed".

It has an f/8 Rapid Rectilinear lens made by Bausch and Lomb,[2] and a pneumatically operated two-bladed shutter with 'I', 'T' and 'B' settings.[3]

The body and bed are of mahogany, covered with leather. It has red bellows, and nickel-plated fittings. There is a brilliant finder on the front of the bed.