Plate Tenax

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The Vest-Pocket Tenax or Plate Tenax is a versatile miniature strut folding camera, made from about 1909 by Goerz in Berlin, for 4.5x6cm glass plates.[1] It has a Compound shutter with speeds from 1 to 1/250 sec. built into the front standard, a Newton finder with the optical element sliding out of the front standard, and a 75mm double anastigmat lens, focusing from 2 metres to infinity. The camera's lens is one of Goerz's; a Dagor 1:6.8 as normal lens, a 1:6.8 Syntor as budget equipment, or a fast 1:4.5 Celor as advanced optics. The "Tropical Vest Pocket Tenax" with Dagor was the luxury variant, though less spectacular than some 'Luxus' cameras.[2]

The Coat Pocket Tenax model is a very similar camera for 6.5x9 cm plates, and the Stereo-Pocket-Tenax is a stereo model for 4.5x10.7 cm stereo plates.[1]


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