Petri FTX

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The FTX from Petri (also labeled as Petri TTL) is a 1974[1] SLR camera for 35mm film. It is derived from the Petri FT II, but using the more universal 42mm threaded lens mount. The styling is a bit idiosyncratic, with an angled front shutter release (resembling some Praktica models), a front-facing compartment for one mercury battery, and a separate film-speed setting dial on the top deck. The cloth focal-plane shutter offers speeds from 1 to 1/1000 sec. with flash sync at 1/60th. As implied by the "TTL" branding, light metering is accomplished with two CdS cells inside the pentaprism housing, reading light levels through the lens. The "lollipop" meter index mark in the viewfinder moves according to the shutter speed setting. however the lens must be stopped down to shooting aperture using a button alongside the lens mount in order to activate the meter.

This camera was rebadged under several brands including Argus, Kmart, Spiratone, and JCPenney.


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