Petri Color 35 E

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The Petri Color 35 E is a small 35mm, fully-automatic, viewfinder camera introduced by Petri as a simpler, less expensive version of the Petri Color 35 in 1971. In place of the match-needle metering of the original, the 35E has program automatic exposure with no direct control except via the film speed dial. The only exposure indication is a red flag in the viewfinder if the exposure is below 1/30 @ f/2.8. It uses a push-pull mechanism to extend/retract the lens, a simple lens twist mechanism to set focus, and a conventional rewind crank.


  • 35mm viewfinder camera
  • 40mm f/2.8 lens (4 elements in 3 groups)
  • Scale focus 1 meter / 3' ~ infinity with click stops at 1m, 1.5m, 3m, and infinity.
  • Automatic exposure only. EV 8-16.5 (ASA100)
  • ASA 25-500
  • Uses a 1.4v 675 mercury battery w/ battery check needle visible above the lens.

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