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The Olympus Wide series are cameras for 35mm film made by Olympus between 1955-61, all notable for a lens of 3.5 cm (35mm) focal length, giving wider-than normal coverage. Four versions were made:

Olympus Wide (original)

Introduced 1955. A scale focusing viewfinder camera featuring a D.Zuiko-W (4-element) 3.5cm f/3.5 lens. It uses knob film advance and has a bright-line frame in its finder.

Olympus Wide E

Replacing the original Wide in 1957, this model added a rapid-advance lever and a selenium meter. The meter cell replaces the frosted window for the viewfinder bright frame. The top shutter speed increased to 1/500 sec.

Olympus Wide S (Super)

The deluxe model introduced in 1957 was equipped with a rangefinder and a fast f/2.0 H.Zuiko-W (8 element) lens. The parallax-corrected viewing & focusing system did not leave enough room to include a light meter, however.

Olympus Wide II

This model introduced 1958 omitted the selenium meter, but restored the bright-line finder and added a larger folding rewind crank.