Nikon D5000

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The Nikon D5000 is a DSLR introduced in 2009. It replaces the Nikon D60. It features a 12.3 megapixel DX format image sensor with a sensitivity of ISO 200-3200. It's ergonomically designed and offers a good lot of functions. It's sold as camera for hobby photographers.

It uses a Multi-CAM1000 11-point AF system uses Nikon F-Mount lenses. The camera body does not have a auto focus motor. For auto focus, Nikon lenses with built in motors are required.

It offers a "Live View" preview mode so that its turn- and tilt-able 2.7" color TFT display can be used as alternate viewfinder. Because of this a D-movie mode is also available that lets you capture 1280 x 720 movies (MJPEG), mono audio at up to 5 minutes duration.

The D5000 was succeeded by the D5100 in 2011.