Minolta Dynax 7Xi

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The Minolta Dynax 7Xi is a fully loaded SLR from 1991. It uses 35mm film.

According to Minolta it was "the most innovative SLR" in that era. And in a way it is, as soon as the photographer puts his eye to the camera it begins to focus and to zoom to create the best possible picture. It reacts to the program-card used, Minolta offered a wide range of pre-programmed chip-cards for various types of shooting, i.e. landscape, portrait or sports. If no card is inserted it functions as a normal P-setting, giving a programmed shutter/aperture combination.

Of course one can switch off all these electronic gadgets and use the camera as a semi-professional manual body in A, S or M-mode. The body takes all lenses with the Minolta/Sony A-mount. It's specifications are quite impressive, even for modern digital standards:

  • shutter speeds: 30sec. - 1/8000sec. and B
  • flash-sync 1/200sec.
  • wireless flash support
  • 14 segment metering, choice between average and spot
  • meter range 0-20 EV (3-20 spot)
  • DX code ISO setting with manual override
  • built-in pop-up flash, guide no. 12
  • 4-line AF sensors with AF assist light
  • motorized film transport and -rewind
  • 2CR5 battery
  • 650gr.