Minolta Dimâge EX

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In 1998 the Minolta Dimâge EX was an avantgarde product among Minolta's early digital cameras. It was unique with its exchangeable CCD/lens-modules. Available configurations of the system camera were the Minolta Dimâge EX Wide 1500 and the Minolta Dimâge EX Zoom 1500. The wide angle module had a 9-element f1.9 5.2mm lens while the vario module had a 5-element f3.5-5.6 7-21mm zoom lens. Both modules had a 1.5 Megapixel CCD. The camera stored the images on CF memory cards. The camera seems to have given the model for the Ricoh GXR for exchangeable lens/sensor-modules.

The Minolta EX had an operating system that it shared with Hewlett-Packard, Kodak and Pentax cameras between 1998 and 2002: Digita, a software made by FlashPoint Technology Inc..

Digita included a modern scripting language to design small user applications. The scripts were editable with notepad on the computer. The user was able to upload Digita scripts from the computer into the camera's memory thru the serial adapter cable SC-EX1.