Minolta DiMAGE 7

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The DiMAGE 7 is a 5.24 mega pixel digital camera originally released in 2001 by Minolta. It has a 7x optical zoom giving a 35mm-equivalent lens length of 28mm to 200mm. Designed to look and feel like an SLR camera, it allows manual zoom and focus via rings on the lens, and in adition to the LCD on the back, it has a reflective ferroelectric viewfinder. It uses CompactFlash media, and requires 4 AA batteries or a 6V DC adapter. It is a relative of Minolta's 3 megapixel DiMAGE 5, and was available in the variants 7 , 7i and 7Hi .

The DiMAGE 7i is an updated model introduced a year later. It has faster continuous shooting modes, more movie modes, image filters, and the live view LCD display has addition modes that allow histogram and a grid overlay.

The DiMAGE 7Hi is another model released the same year as the 7i. The body's hand grip has changed to a rubberize material also has a dark coloured body instead of silver. The program modes now use a faster shutter speed of 1/4000 a sec up from 1/2000. Support for Adobe RGB and ICC profiles.