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The Mecaflex is a 35mm SLR camera, initially made in Germany starting in 1951. The camera was designed by Heinz Kilfitt, designer of the original Robot camera and the Kowa Six.[1] First sales were in 1953. Bodies were made for Kilfitt by Metz Apparatefabrik in Fürth, Germany;[2] McKeown states that Metz withdrew from the deal after making only a small number of the cameras. in 1958, body production was resumed by S.E.R.O.A. (Société d'Etude et Recherche Optique et Acoustique[3]) in Monaco - until the end of production in c.1965.[4] Lenses were made by Kilfitt's company, based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, but apparently manufacturing in Munich, Germany. Examples have also been seen with Kilfitt's Kilar lenses made under licence by Berthiot.[5]

The camera is unusual in having a flip-up cover on top which both opens the waist-level viewfinder and uncovers the top-plate controls - winding lever, rewind knob and shutter release. Another slightly odd feature is the use of a 24×24mm frame format, giving 50 exposures on a 35mm film, like the Robot.

Photographs of some examples show a release button standing above the cover, and the winding lever having a slot allowing use with the cover closed; others show both the lever and release hidden inside the cover. Some pictures show the Mecaflex with various other finders, including what looks like an add-on prism type[6].

The Mecaflex uses interchangeable lenses made by Kilfitt, and a Prontor leaf shutter - with a setting ring (1-1/300 + B) around the lens mount.


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