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The Makinette is a 3×4cm format strut folding camera, made by Plaubel around 1932. It has a folding optical finder (two variations), knob film advance with two rectangular red windows in the back to take 16 pictures on 127 film. Some of the design features are reminiscent of the Plaubel Makina series. The leaf shutter, a Compur with speeds from 1s to 1/300, is hidden behind the front plate. The focusing ring is behind the shutter, and changes the angle of the scissor struts to move the front assembly.

The Makinette has been seen both in black and in chrome finish. The choice of lenses included:

  • Plaubel Anticomar 5cm f/2.7
  • Plaubel Supracomar 4.5cm f/2

The Makinette 3×4 is an uncommon camera. Plaubel reused the name Makinette in the 1950s for the Makinette 16, a 16mm camera that existed only at prototype level. The later Japanese Plaubel company also made a Makinette 67 and a Makinette 35P at prototype level.


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