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The 1968[1] Kowa SET R (or SETR or seTr) was a version of the SET but enhanced with interchangeable lenses (as with the SER versus the SE). By using a complex behind-the-lens leaf shutter arrangement it continued to offer open-aperture metering and an instant-return mirror.

While this arrangement necessitates a unique, proprietary lens mount (where the aperture ring remains behind on the camera body) Kowa offered a rather complete lens lineup from 28mm through 200mm.

The final version of Kowa's SE series of leaf-shutter SLRs, the 1970[2] SET-R2 replaced the SET-R. The differences between the models were minimal: the SET-R2 gained a black plastic advance lever cap, a film reminder at the base of the rewind crank, and an f/1.8 50mm standard lens with black filter threads in place of the old chrome-nose f/1.9.

The shutter is a Seiko SLV with speeds of 1 - 1/500, plus B and a self-timer.

The TTL meter has a film speed range of 10 - 800 ASA, and employs a viewfinder centre-the-needle control, with both the shutter speed and aperture settings being coupled.

The viewscreen combines matte Fresnel screen and condenser. with a micro-prism centre spot.

There is a single flash terminal and an M/X selection switch. The x-sync speed is 1/30.


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