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Komamura is a Japanese company, maker of the Horseman cameras and distributor of other products.



The company was founded in 1933 in Kyoto, under the name Komamura Keitei Kaisha (駒村兄弟会社), based in Kyoto.[1] It took its present name K.K. Komamura Shōkai (㈱駒村商会) in 1947, and opened a branch in Kanda, Tokyo, in 1950.[1]

The company made its first camera in 1948.[1] It was a wooden kabine-size field camera called PC-101, for the Japanese police.[1] In 1950, it developed the Horseman 102, also for the Japanese police; in 1958 this camera evolved into the Horseman 104, made in cooperation with Tōkyō Kōgaku.[1] This was the predecessor of the Topcon Horseman camera series, which started in 1960 with the model 960.[1]

Nowadays (2010), the company still makes Horseman cameras, and also distributes Minox and Rollei products as well as German and US photo accessories, and US and Australian video equipment.

Horseman products

This list is incomplete:

Topcon Horseman Press / VH-series

  • Horseman 102 (1950)
  • Horseman Press 104 (1958)
  • Topcon Horseman 960 (1959)
  • Horseman 970 (1963)
  • Horseman 760
  • Horseman 980 (1969)
  • Horseman 985 (1973)
  • Horseman VH-R (1977)
  • Horseman VH (1977)
  • Horseman ER-1 (1984)


Other distributed products

  • Doryu 2-16 pistol-shaped camera, distributor for the Kansai area (Western Japan) in 1955[2]

Later it took over Horseman. Nowadays it also distributes Minox and Rollei products as well as German and US-American photo accessories as well as US-American and Australian video equipment.


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