Horseman 980

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The Horseman 980 manufactured by Komamura is a 6x9 format technical/field/press camera which takes roll film in interchangeable backs. It allows movements/adjustments to correct for various distortions and to control the plane of sharp focus. Being a field camera, it is similar to a view camera but more compact and with fewer adjustments. In common with many press cameras it has a viewfinder and rangefinder to allow handheld use.


The Horseman 980 takes an 80mm lensboard which is large enough to accommodate a #1 or smaller shutter. Many lenses can be mounted into such a shutter, although some of the physically larger lenses would foul the bellows.

Horseman produced a range of lenses designed specifically for these cameras. The super designation means the lens provides enough coverage to expose a 5x4" negative without vignetting.

  • Super Horseman Wideangle Lens 65mm f/7
  • Professional Horseman Wideangle Lens 75mm f/5.6
  • Super Horseman Standard Lens 90mm f/5.6
  • Professional Horseman Standard Lens 105mm f/3.5
  • Super Horseman Standard Lens 105mm f/4.5
  • Super Horseman Standard Lens 120mm f/5.6
  • Super Horseman Long Focal Lens 150mm f/5.6
  • Super Horseman Telephoto Lens 180mm f/5.6


There are several Horseman-branded roll film backs for 120 and 220 film. These are available in 6x7 and 6x9. Other brands with a Graflok fitting may be used although not all are compatible.

Horseman also produce backs for cut film and sheet film in 5x4" format.

Compatibility with RB backs

While the Horseman 980 does have a Graflok back, the body of the camera has some protruding metal areas that prevent some Graflok backs from being mounted - such as the back for the Mamiya RB67.

The Horseman 985, VH and VH-R do not have these raised metal edges and RB backs can be used without modification.


  • Bed down 15°
  • Front swing ±15°
  • Front tilt down 10°
  • Front tilt up 15°
  • Front shift ±30mm
  • Front rise 28mm
  • Back swing left/right ±10°
  • Back swing up/down ±11°