Kodak Target Brownie Six-20

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The Target Brownie Six-20 is a box camera manufactured by Kodak in 1941. This model was replaced by a similar design model named Brownie Target Six-20 in 1946.

The camera uses 620 film and produces images in 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" (6 X 9). It features a twin finder design, one for portrait and the other for landscape. The lens is based on a simple meniscus design. There is an aperture tab on the top front. The shutter is based on a rotary design. The shutter release is fired when pressed downward. It is spring activated and will automatically return to the up position. A tab above the shutter release can select between the default instant mode, or when pulled outward bulb mode (while the shutter lever is held down). The film advance is by a knob on the right hand side of the body. Advancing the film requires turning this knob counter clockwise. The back has a red window used for frame counting. The top of the camera has a handle with the model name imprinted. To open the camera, pull the advance knob outwards by rotating slightly, pull up on the protruding lug at the top strap and then pull the face out from the body.


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