Kodak NC2000

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The Kodak NC 2000 series are DSLR cameras based upon the body of a Nikon N90 (F90) or N90s (F90X).

The NC abbreviation is often referred to as News Camera. It was designed as a photojournalist camera for the Associate Press agency. It differed from the DCS 410 by having a slightly lower resolution M3 sensor. This is so that a larger number of photos can be stored onto the memory buffer before writing to disk. This sensor also has better light sensitivity with a larger ISO range. The improved NC 2000e model was nearly the same but with larger DRAM buffer. B&W and infrared models were also offered as the NC2000m and NC2000ir. A Canon EOS-1N body version of the NC 2000e was offered by both Kodak and Canon as the EOS-DCS 3.


NC 2000 NC 2000e NC 2000m NC 2000ir
Format Colour B&W IR
Sensor 20.5mm x 16.4 mm (M3)
Resolution 1268 x 1012
ISO 200-1600
Buffer 5 photo 12 photos